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private lessons with Sue Chandler and Fiona Heysen
private lessons with either Sue Chandler ( level 3 dressage coach) or Fiona Heysen ( level 2 general coach) all riders must be members of BRC and wear EA approved helmets. refunds with a doctor or vet certificate only.
Demo riders for coaching assessments 5-6 Oct
BRC is hosting a coaching assessment weekend with visiting coach educators Sue Chandler ( level 3 coach) and Fiona Heysen ( level 2 coach)
Coaching assessments will be going on all weekend and demo riders will be needed, so if you fancy a free lessonor more, please nominate for a class or two or...
EA Horse Management, Riding and coaching weekend
EA coaching weekend with visiting coach educators Sue Chandler and Fiona Heysen.
an opportunity to be assessed for the following EA modules.
horsemanagement intro level
general riding intro level
orientation workshop for intro level coaching
coaching assessment for intro and level one
all candida...
Extra EA Assessment Sessions with Sue Chandler and Fiona Heysen Friday 5 Oct
45 minute spots with either Sue Chandler or Fiona Heysen, the coach educators for coaching weekend. session will be held at DHPC grounds.
cost must be covered by the candidates as these are not covered by NT gov grant
all candidates must be a members of BRC and EA.